WRAP UP – Course Learnings

Along the way of the course brand asset management we had the chance to analyse and understand the brand Marlboro with the aid of given frameworks. In the beginning it was quite hard to understand what these frameworks stand for, but in the end we see that all the frameworks can be linked and help to build a coherent understanding of the Marlboro brand. Unfortunately, the concept and understanding of linking it all together came across quite late and is probably the main learning of our process – structure the knowledge in the beginning, getting an overview and then link and refer to learnings one already made along the way (building up a whole storyline).

During the process of analysing, we realized more and more, that Marlboro is no longer what we expected to be but tries to reposition itself and translating the existing ‘old’ values in new manners (please find more about this in blog post ‘Wrap Up – Brand Overview’).

Brand Asset Management Overview. Authors: Lara Bollmann, Anne Müller, Antonia Matejka


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