WRAP UP – Brand Overview

During the analysis of the brand, we stated that the result of the diagrams and methods mostly referred to the current mismatch between the Marlboro brand identity and the new advertisement campaign. The swap from Marlboro Man to “Don’t be a Maybe” was very radical and comes across as a desperate attempt to appear more young and cool, but not in an authentic way.

Along our analysis, we were wondering if a strong testimonial like the Marlboro Man can simply be replaced by a new campaign. Repeatedly, we stated that Marlboro still lives on in people’s minds and keeps being representative for the Marlboro values.

Even if the new campaign reveals individuals with strong characters that should represent the same free spirit as the Marlboro Man, these “Contemporary Marlboro Man & Woman” do not come across convincingly.

The question is how Marlboro can translate its values authentically into a more modern world and create a myth around modern adventures by creating a new experience world. How can Marlboro transmit its lifestyle in a contemporary way that consumers can identify with it on such a strong way as the Marlboro country?

First of all, we think that Marlboro has to close the gap between the Marlboro Man & the “Don’t be a Maybe” campaign. Either Marlboro has to create a new testimonial with such a high recall value as the Marlboro Man, standing for the companies’ values. Or Marlboro could develop another contemporary mental space such as the Marlboro country. In that context, Marlboro has to identify the relevant characteristics for the contemporary Marlboro Cowboys in the United stated and transmit these authentically.


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