Brand Architecture Marlboro

The brand architecture of Marlboro is grouped as follows:

Marlboro is acting as the master brand and brand driver. The whole product portfolio states a very high integration. Marlboro cigarettes are divided into three subbrands, which are taking over meaningful driver roles:

  • Marlboro Flavor
  • Marlboro Gold
  • Marlboro Fresh

Amongst these subbrands, Marlboro products are further differentiated into single cigarette subbrands such as Marlboro Beyond, Marlboro Red Box, Marlboro Red Soft, etc.

Brand Portfolio Strategy

Marlboro has recently switched to a new advertising strategy and is thereby evidently targeting young adult smokers. In this campaign, Marlboro is inviting young people not to be a maybe and to encourage young adult smokers to make decisions in their life. As the cigarette manufacturer already meets the needs of cigarettes with his product portfolio (Marlboro Red; Classic / Marlboro Gold; More young, feminine, urban / Marlboro Menthol; Taste / Capsule-in-filter; developed technology, etc.) Marlboro could try to involve and reach the young target group in new ways. By extending the brand portfolio with “Marlboro Clothes” or “Marlboro Records” the brand could call young people to stand up for themselves, their creativity and independence and they could co-create with Marlboro their own clothing or records. Through such actions, Marlboro could extend its portfolio and create loyalty amongst their target audience

With that step, Marlboro would move its Brand Relationship Spectrum from subbrands more towards a branded house.


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